Typing Invaders


Learn typing by playing Space Invaders


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Typing invaders is the classic Space invaders, that group of martians above and our ship in the lower part. but this time is a bit different, forget the cursors to move the ship, this time the ship is moved by pressing a different letter each time.

Why do letters change? Easy, because by that way, we will learn typing easily, not typing a full text, but playing a classic game which will ive us hours of fun.

The spaceship is divided into three parts, and each part have a different letter. The left part shows the letter which move the ship to the left, the right side the one which moves to the right and the parto of the center which shows the letter which fires.

The problem arrives when the letters we have to press change each time we press one. By this way we will reach our aim: learn typing, because if you want to win, you?ll have to be fast when typing.

Without any doubt an innovative and effective way of learning which will make you typing faster and better. Don?t hesitate, download it, because, in addition, it’s free.
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